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Our Story

Family Owned and Operated for over 40 years

In 1976, Larry and Brenda Moss opened Moss Tree Farm as a wholesale Christmas Tree Farm business. We cut and sell our trees to multiple vendors across the southeast, they eventually opened our doors to the public by offering a Choose N' Cut service for families to come and pick out their Christmas tree every holiday season! Larry and Brenda run the business with the help of their son, Todd Moss.


Taking care of Christmas trees is not just a seasonal job, but it is a year-round operation. Christmas trees require special care all year long to ensure that they grow tall and healthy! The trees require maintenance that includes trimming, fertilizing, insect treatments, and so much more! All of that produces the beautiful Christmas tree that you know and love! Did you know that Christmas trees take 9 years to grow on average to 8 feet tall?

Christmas Tree Field
Christmas Tree Seedling

We are planting rows of baby trees and they are hard to see so we ask that you please be mindful of where you're stepping!


Some trees are just now getting to the size where they are almost ready to sell! We would like to remind everyone that unless a tree has a tag, it is not for sale. That being said, we will not be selling any five foot trees this year. We need them to continue growing so we can have trees for the years to come.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Young Christmas Trees


Larry and Brenda Moss have three children that help out in the family business - Paula, Todd and Chris Moss. Todd and Larry are the year round caretakers of our Christmas trees. Paula Fowler and Todd Moss' wife, Debbie Moss make all of our beautiful wreaths and garland. Hilda Nevius, Brenda Moss' sister, makes the beautiful decorative assortments and table centerpieces. Chris Moss takes time out of the Moss Stone Service to help when the tree farm is at its busiest in the fall. Brenda and Larry are blessed with 12 grand-children that help out on the farm. 

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