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Choose n' cut Procedure

Young Christmas Trees

We are so excited that you decided to kick off your holiday season with us! Our Choose N' Cut operation is just like it sounds. You choose your tree and we will cut it, wrap it, and put it on your car for you! 

We want nothing more than your experience to be wonderful so we would like to explain the process of what happens when you get the the farm! However, we do expect a high influx of customers and we ask that you please be patient while we get to your tree. We are working as quickly and as efficiently as we can. Thank you so much for being patient and understanding! 

Norton Road Image

Each Christmas tree is marked with a color of ribbon indicating what size it is. Our sizes start at 5 foot trees and go all the way to 14 foot trees. We do also have larger trees, so if you need something bigger please ask us! The ribbon and size chart is posted below!  

*Trees with no ribbon are not for sale!*

We ask that you understand that larger trees do take longer to cut, carry, and bale. We are working as quickly as possible! Thank you for your cooperation!

In order to keep mix-ups from happening when your tree is taken to be bailed, we will give you a ticket that has a confirmation number and the size of your tree on it. Half of the ticket is for you and the other half stays on the tree. When you have paid, the cashier will mark the ticket as 'PAID' to let the workers who load your tree on your car know that you have paid and are ready to go! After you have paid, return to the bailer with your ticket and someone will match up the confirmation numbers for you and get your tree loaded up!


When you arrive, you and your family can immediately head into the field and look for a tree!


When you find a tree, flag down a worker on a vehicle. They will tag your tree, mark the size of your tree on the tag, and then cut your tree and bring it to the bailer for you. 

*They will give you half of the tag. Each half has a confirmation number on it. This way when your tree is bailed, it will not get mixed up.*


With the your half of the ticket, bring it to the wreath building and pay for your tree. The person who accepted your payment will mark your tree as paid on the ticket. 


Bring your ticket to the bailer and they will match up the conformation number on your ticket and the ticket on the tree. After your tree is bailed, someone will secure your tree to your car and you are ready to go!


Share a picture of your decorated tree on our Facebook page! We love to see you and your family enjoy the tree!

For Your Tree

Confirmation number

Size of Tree

Confirmation number

Size of Tree


For You to Keep

Ribbon chart

5 foot

6 foot 

7 foot 

8 foot 

9 foot  

10 foot 

11 foot 

12 foot 

13 foot 

14 foot

We are opening another one of our fields to our 

Choose N' Cut operation. Check the "Choose N' Cut" page for our opening dates and field locations!

Our addresses are below:

Normal location: 1822 Norton Road

Cashiers, NC 28717

Secondary Location: 1937 Yellow Mountain Road

Cullowhee, NC 28723

 Please like us on Facebook for live updates!

If we are at the secondary field, the wreath building will still be open!! 

Just a reminder that dogs are allowed, but they must be on a leash! We also ask that you pick up after your pets. 

It is very important that you do not lose your half of the ticket. This is how we identify your tree after it is bailed.

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